Guest Reviews

"Bryan! You are the absolute best. Didn't wash my hair since you styled it until yesterday. My curls even bounced back better than ever before. Love the color and love the cut. But even just the thoughtfulness that goes into the products you choose, I notice a huge difference when I use the products and techniques you recommend. Thank you and you are truly amazing. So happy my mom found you or else I might never have discovered my hair potential."

Lucy S. – 2/5/2023

"Maestro Bryan has been creating my look for at least 15 years. People stop me on the street, strangers in elevators speak up, even TSA agents at the airport comment..."I love your hair!" It's become my brand..."

Roberta G. - 12/5/2019

I think I'm closing in on 13 years with Bryan? I say, even though I was way into adulthood at the time, that he gave me my first adult haircut. His work space is always immaculate and he keeps it in a way that shows his understanding of hospitality. Bryan's my salon chair therapist, a natural talent and has true heart for his work.

Matt C. – 12/5/2019

Always fabulous thank you!”

Emma T. – 10/8/2019

Bryan has been my stylist for at least a decade. I would never consider anywhere else. He is a genius with color, and make sure to ask about the Agave treatments. They are life-changing. Last year, he gave me an amazing cut right before I left for Europe for 3 weeks. Took it really short – it was fabulous. Never had so many compliments. You won’t be disappointed!”

Amy B. – 5/6/2019

It starts with an offer of wine (or tea, coffee, sparkling water, etc), and just gets better from there! Quality products used, tranquil environment, and a talented stylist who has great suggestions when I’m uninspired myself.”

Julie P. – 4/29/2019

Bryan is very friendly and very professional. He did an amazingly high quality coloring. I am so happy I found him and highly recommend him.”

Lem C. – 11/9/2018

Consistent and high-quality work. Friendly and Professional Service.”

Christine R. – 11/7/2018

Bryan is the curly hair expert! I saw him for a few visits when I lived in the city and I absolutely loved the cut and color, AND is such a congenial person. Then I moved out of the city and for 2 years tried a few different stylists and was always disappointed. So I decided it was worth the 1.5 hour drive to come back to the city to visit him and once again it was totally worth it! All of my friends are telling me they love it, and so if you want a curl expert, Bryan is your guy!”

Stephanie S. – 10/14/2018

Bryan is skilled creative professional. Love my hair, thanks to him.”

Mariaelena A. – 10/6/18

Bryan was both welcoming and professional. I left with a great cut and will return again.”

Georgia W. – 8/16/2018

Did a fantastic job. He knows an insane amount about color theory, used to own his own salon, knows how to keep hair healthy. I will be going back.”

Jessie S. – 4/18/2018

Bryan is a master of his craft. Super experienced. Super creative. Lots of great fun.”

Christine R. – 3/28/2018

Bryan is an outstanding stylist and colorist. His private space is relaxing and comfortable.”

Karen K. – 3/1/2018

My girlfriends last stylist didn’t have much experience and unfortunately colored her hair in ways that needed a lot of help. Bryan got her in and spent a good 20-30 minutes with us on color consulting., Two hours later, her hair comes out shining and absolutely gorgeous!!!”

Nikhil D. – 2/9/2018

The haircut was amazing and Bryan teaches you the skills and techniques needed to not only style your hair to keep it looking amazing, but also how to do minor maintenance in between cuts. Always a relaxing and fantastic experience with a wonderful outcome!”

Christopher R. – 1/19/2018

Bryan is great! I am always so happy with my hair style/treatment when I leave his chair! He is great with curly or straight hair so you can’t go wrong!”

Wendy T. – 11/29/2017

I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my color. Having a great colorist who understands my expectations and what looks good for me in invaluable. Great talent!”

Erika D. – 11/18/2017

I have been seeing Bryan for years and he’s always consistent and amazing. He’s amazing with both color and cutting, and I don’t want to see anyone else!”

Jane N. – 11/16/2017

Bryan is a master of his craft. He definitely knows how to wield the scissors for your beauty preference. I can highly recommend Bryan for those with long curly hair. Superb! In every manner. You will not be disappointing.”

Christine R. – 11/12/2017

It would be difficult to find a San Francisco stylist who is better – for color AND a cut – than Bryan Michaels. And for a reasonable (for what you get) price. Thanks, Bryan.”

Laura O. – 11/8/2017

"Bryan is a perfectionist, exceptionally skillful, and pays attention to every detail. He puts his client first – and the result is fabulous hair with a great experience getting there.”

Erika D. – 10/13/2017

I’ve been using Bryan for a few months now. Before I found Bryan, I never liked my haircuts. My curly hair is tough to cut, and no one ever got it quite right. From the first second I sat down with Bryan, I knew he would be different. I quickly realize how good Bryan was when he expertly diagnosed my hair problems, and sure enough, I left with on of the best cuts I have gotten. Since then, my cuts have gotten even better as Bryan has observed how my hair grows. If you’re looking for a professional who gives you a great haircut with a fun experience, then I could not possible recommend Bryan more strongly.”

Brandon C. – 110/11/2017

Brian is a master with curly hair and color. And this time, I learned every color he mixes is unique. Thank you, Bryan! After years of worrying about cuts, I now know I’ll always come out with a great cut!”

Susan B. – 9/29/2017

Bryan is a great colorist!”

Karen K. – 9/28/2017

Bryan is the Best!”

Kirby B. – 9/15/2017

Bryan is excellent. We’ve been seeing him for over 10 years. He listens to me on what I need makes adjustments makes recommendations and knows his business extremely well I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Bob C. – 7/2/2017

As always – exception attention to detail, and a beautiful color outcome on my hair.”

Erika D. – 5/31/2017

As always – perfect service, attention to detail, friendly & skilled. Thank yo[u].”

Erika D. – 4/22/2017

...he was very personable and gave me great tips for reducing the frizz in my hair. Will be going back to him now!”

Anonymous – 3/9/2017

Fantastic experience – quality products, attention to the smallest details, professional and friendly service from everyone, and superior skill and knowledge from Bryan who you can see deliver superior service in every aspect of his interactions with clients. Almost 1 year of searching high end salons in SF to find this perfect place, finally.”

Erika D. – 2/4/2017

Bryan have me a wicked fade with a wide part. All the ladies be into it!”

Anonymous – 1/26/2017

There is a reason that Bryan Michaels has been cutting my hair for over ten years!”

Martin L. – 1/22/2017

I was thrilled when Bryan suggested I try a special hair coloring solution. I am very sensitive to dyes and react moderately to hair coloring so I was a bit nervous. Bryan took the time to tell me about the product and I decided to try it. It worked! I didn’t react in any way. Now I can continue to “cover up the silver”. If I had pretty silver hair, I’d go for it, but I don’t. I was looking pretty drab! Thank you so much for making me look and feel better.”

Gesile L. – 1/15/2017

Steady great service, fun atmosphere. Been going, gosh, almost 9 years now! I’ve been with Bryan Michaels longer than my husband ;-)”

Shannon S. – 12/31/2016

Steady service as always. Been coming here to Bryan M. for my monthly haircut for over 8 years now. Always happy, always looking sharp!”

Anonymous – 11/6/2016

Excellent service and loved the environment….Had the pleasure of getting Bryan/the owner and hands down – best haircut/customer service I’ve ever experienced at a salon! He was a true expert. Loved how thoughtful he was with my cut. I had really long hair and wanted it cut but unsure of length and he asked my a bunch of great questions about my style, morning routine, broke down the overall health of my hair and we landed on a great cut together! Loved that was so much more than showing a photo and hoping for the best. Great experience!!”

Stacey L. – 8/1/2016

Bryan the owner did a new smoothing something on my curly hair and I love it!!! So much more manageable and frizz-free. And the fog doesn’t even change my hair. All curly girls know what a blessing this is, especially in the Bay Area!!!!”

Katie D. – 7/24/2016

I had a lovely experience. I love Bryan. He makes me feel beautiful! So talented! Great coffee!! I can’t say enough! Everyone in SF should come here!”

Heidi L. – 4/3/2016

Thank you Brian! Everyone LOVES my new look :)”

Rebecca A. – 2/25/2016

Consistent great cut with lots of little extras. I especially enjoy the warm neck pad at the shampoo bowl and the great scalp massage. He even works my neck a little! Great escape in the middle of my day. I’ve never seen this before, but they have robes to change into so that all of the little hairs from my haircut don’t make me itch all afternoon long. Another great extra touch...I cannot recommend Bryan’s mens cuts enough!”

Anonymous – 2/21/2016

Bryan is the wind beneath my wings.”

Abbie T. – 1/30/2016

Bryan Michaels is talented and wonderful. I’ve been a client of his for 14 years. He makes me look great!”

Heidi L. – 12/3/2015

Every time I got to Bryan I love, love, love my curly hair.”

Anonymous – 11/28/2015

Perfection. Curly girls take heed.”

Abbie T. – 10/11/2015

Month after month I keep getting stellar haircuts by Bryan Michaels. Awesome head massage and an efficient guy. 45 min. in & out and he never makes me wait more than 5 min. I appreciate a stylist who can stay on time. My time is valuable too.”

Anonymous – 9/27/20115

Bryan was amazing. He is not only a curly hair expert and magician, but he is also incredibly pleasant to be around and incredibly helpful at guiding you on maintenance and proper care. I had a horrible cut prior and was concerned at letting yet another new stylist cut my hair. I was also concerned that tons of length would need to be cut to get it to a flattering shape. Bryan not only gave me a cut flattered my face, but he somehow retained length. I also walked a way with a few products that work really well with my hair. The styling products were cheaper than what I normally buy. They also informed me that I did not like the products / did not use them I could bring them back. How cool! He was also very realistic about how often I would need to come back to keep my healthier and styled which was not overboard. It was an honest reco and not something to pad his pockets. Couldn’t be happier. Have gotten several compliments since and love my hair ever more the next day. THANK YOU, BRYAN!”

Tiffany C. – 9/8/2015

Bryan is the greatest! I love my hair! Thank you Bryan Michaels!”

Heidi L. – 8/13/2015

Bryan is a wunderkind”

Shannon S. – 6/18/2015

...Bryan Michaels nails it with my cut every time. Good vibe at the whole place...”

Joe N. – 6/11/2015

Thank goodness I have found Bryan after so much searching! ...I always love the haircut Bryan gives me. He’s great!”

Betsy C. – 5/20/2015

Bryan Michaels has been my color specialist for many years. And with my challenges of aging has maintained my color from roots to ends beautifully. Keeping my youthful appreciate is a gift. I am grateful and happy to have found such a person.”

Santoshi A. – 4/22/2015

Best cuts (and gab sessions) ever!”

Joe N. – 1/17/2015

fabulous as always!”

Blakely A. – 1/9/2015

..Bryan, the owner, continues to deliver a great cut with a memorable head and neck massage. I recommend option for the extra 15 min. where he’ll work your upper back and shoulders as well.”

Mike N. – 12/24/2014

Bryan is very knowledgeable and great at styling!!”

Holly P. – 12/9/2014

Bryan Michaels is a dedicated, talented professional. I always look better with I leave.”

Arnaldo B. – 11/2/2014

Bryan was great. Just found my new salon.”

Wayne H. – 8/3/2014

Brian was fantastic! He rescued my curly hair after 2 disastrous haircuts at other salons. He is very talented with curly hair and is very personable. I will definitely be coming back. The salon also has a great selection of products. I was able to fin the products I needed to reinvigorate my dry hair.

Michelle I. – 7/24/2014

Bryan is wonderful! I love my cut and color!”

Jennifer M. – 7/16/2014

Great experience as always. Bryan is a top professional and very understanding of curly hair textures and how it falls.

Shannon L. – 7/15/2014

Perfect! Very happy with the entire experience from the time I walked in the door...”

Anonymous – 7/14/2014

I’ve been looking for a new stylist for a while now and even though I’m a man, know the difference between a super cut and one done by a real artist. Not only I’ve found this in Bryan Michaels, but he’s also very pleasant to talk to, and the cherry on the top is the head massage that is very welcomed in the middle of a busy day between meetings!”

Arno V. – 6/27/2014

I appreciate Bryan’s consultation and style advice as I never have any ideas about what cut I’d like.”

Susan W. – 6/26/2014

I flew into San Francisco to teach a workshop and I was randomly placed with Bryan who also happens to be the owner. He gave me a very honest consultation and on of the best blowouts ever! If I lived in San Francisco I would not go anywhere else. A great place for hair therapy.”

Lisa B. – 5/6/2014

Bryan Michaels is the best...I’ve never received as many compliments on my hair as I have since Bryan has been working his magic.”

Eva T. – 4/28/2014


Sascha E. – 4/27/2014

Wonderful as always. Bryan Michaels is the very best!!”

Isabel C. – 3/16/2014

Bryan did another excellent job on my highlights/lowlights and haircut. I feel pretty again! Bryan has done my hair for 13 years + and never disappoints.”

Heidi L. – 1/21/2014

Bryan Michaels, as always, is the best hairstylist in the city. He is also an outstanding small business owner.”

Karen E. – 1/20/2014

Absolutely wonderful! Bryan gives the best haircut my curly hair has EVER gotten.”

Betsy C. – 12/27/2013

After 43 years, I finally know how to style my hair, thanks to Bryan. It’s always nice to leave a salon feeling gorgeous, but it’s even better when you can maintain the look at home. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!”

Shannon D. – 10/8/2013

Every time I see Bryan my Color gets Better and Better. I have gotten so much positive feedback from friend and even strangers. This is such a confidence boost. Cheers! to you Bryan! I am so Grateful.

Santoshi A. – 9/27/2013

Bryan is – as always – amazing!

Anonymous – 9/6/2013

...he was the owner and super friendly, funny and the time flew by as he worked and before I knew it I was wearing on my head, exactly what we had agreed upon. Not shorter, not longer, bit IT! I’m most definitely be spending some more time here.”

Anonymous – 8/30/2013

Bryan Michaels = best hairstylist.”

Karen E. – 8/22/2013

He truly knows what he is doing with super-curly hair. He is well trained and thoughtful. I felt like he spent ample time on my hair to really know how it falls and the various curl textures – and I was left with a fantastic shape that is easy to work with on my own! He offered plenty of hair care and styling tips that take very little time. I was about to fly back to NYC for a haircut, but after 3 years of living in the Bay Area I am very happy to have found Bryan...”

Shannon L. – 8/11/2013

Bryan is amazingly attentive to all details and makes you feel welcome and not rushed. The place is truly great.”

Anonymous – 8/4/2013

Brian was very friendly and really explained the entire process for a Deva Curl Cut!! He made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. Would definitely go back to him.

Lucy R. – 7/28/2013

...and had a deva cut with Brian. I could already tell the haircut looked great when I stepped out of the salon, but today I can safely say this is the best haircut I have had in my life. Brian is an artist. I have very curly hair (and a lot of it); some strands are shaped as waves, others are shaped at tight corkscrews, and Brian worked his magic for roughly two hours and left me with an amazing hair shape. I’ve had so many complements and people asking me where I had my hair done; it’s totally unprecedented for me. I had been following the Deva curl method for awhile with Okish results, but Brian taught me so many more tricks that I feel much more confident in dealing with my hair. So Brian, thank you so much.”

Joana B. – 7/25/2013

Bryan has been styling my hair for years, and I’m always happy with the cut. My hair looks good when I walk out of the salon, and it’s easy to recreate the style on my own.”

Anonymous – 6/28/2013

I was very pleased with my haircut. It’s extremely difficult to find someone who understand how to work with very curly hair, and so I am glad I took a chance trying this salon. Brian was fantastic and I will definitely be back. After 3 years living in the bay are, I was about ready to fly back to NYC for a good curly hair cut. WHEW now I can stay local 🙂

Shannon L. – 6/14/2013

Service, skill, courtesy and attention are all TOP NOTCH! Thank you Bryan!”

Betsy C. – 6/9/2013

Bryan is an artist with the scissors and an excellent conversationalist – not to mention the head massage while getting shampooed – delicious. Thanks for always making me feel pretty.”

Vanessa B. – 5/14/2013

As always, Bryan excels at everything he does – styling, coloring, and nurturing the customer. I always leave his chair feeling like I’ve been on a mini vacation. Thanks Bryan!”

Roberta G. – 5/10/2013

I really enjoy the hair cut, and Bryan offered his time to fix my hair which is really sweet.”

Shen H. – 4/27/2013

I always enjoy my experience...Bryan is responsive to requests and will suggest styles even when I’m vague or really have no idea what I want.”

Susan W. – 4/25/2013

Covering grey is a very difficult task in itself. Bryan Michael’s makes it seem so easy, and safe for my maturing hair. I leave with the most amazing head color treated hair. And all the products that keep my hair healthy, shiny, and manageable.”

Santoshi A. – 04/22/13

I just went back needing a huge change. I wanted to lop off half of my hair, and lighten it. I ended up getting a deva cut (10 inches shorter in places), highlights and color correction. Bryan spent the time to help me decide what to do, show me the possibilities and explain everything he was doing.

It turned out fantastic! The color is beautiful, I love the highlights, and the cut is adorable. I couldn’t be happier. Bryan is the best.”

Lyn S. – 3/22/2013

Love my haircut! Thank you, Bryan.”

Lisa F. – 3/3/2013

Bryan is amazing.”

Tony S. – 3/2/2013

I had a great appointment with Brian – he is a master with curly hair, explained everything that he was doing and why he was doing it, taught me how to work with my own curls to minimize frizz and maximize curl; and on top of it all, since I am new to town, he gave me excellent business advice.! The salon is warm, clean and organized. Lovely experience!”

Maxine D. – 2/28/2013

Bryan Michaels is an outstanding colorist...”

Karen K. – 2/6/2013

As always, I was in and out on time. My cut was perfect, and my color is amazing.”

Shannon S. – 2/4/2013

...I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Bryan introduced me to the Deva cut (for curly hair) and has transformed my hairstyle as well as my feelings towards having curly hair. No more triangle hair! Yay! And it’s always such a relaxing experience to sit down and do nothing except chatter away. I look forward to my haircuts and I’ve never been disappointed.

Anonymous – 1/21/2013

Great cut, thanks Bryan! :)”

Kelly W. – 1/17/2013

My curly hair always looks fantastic when I leave… Thanks Bryan!”

Vanessa B. – 1/15/2013

Bryan Michaels expertise and talent as a colorist is the best I have ever experienced! He could take the concept I wanted and made it reality, something no one else has been able to accomplish! I highly recommend him. Bryan’s knowledge and no nonsense approach to hair is a breath of fresh air! I always look forward to my appointments with him!”

Maureen S. – 1/14/2013

Bryan is wonderful and totally gets my complicated curly hair! So glad to have found him.”

Betsy C. – 1/13/2013

Bryan loves people. So in addition to his extraordinary skill and ability to give you the look you want that also works for your face, skin tone and personality, he’s a delight to work with.

Roberta G. – 1/9/2013

Bryan fucking rocks.”

Arnaldo B. – 12/18/2012

Brian is the best, and in addition to making my hair look just like I wanted it, he cut my little girl, Ava’s hair too, and she loves it!

Joe N. – 11/20/2012

My hair always looks incredible when I leave, and I often receive compliments everywhere I go.”

Santoshi A. – 11/19/2012

I’ve been getting my haircut by Bryan Michaels for years. He is great with long hair...I’m a fan.”

Rebecca H. – 6/18/2012

Back for the fourth time and had another great experience – consistency is a good thing, especially with good customer care and when getting your wavy/curly hair cut.


Bryan does an amazing job of cutting and styling my hair. I’m growing it out and he made it easy for me to replicate what he did at home.”

Jamila L. – 3/11/2011

As my hair has aged (I have not, of course), it has changed… a lot. Somehow Bryan keeps coming up with new ways to cut it so that I get a flattering and easy-to-care-for cut. I love chatting it up with Bryan, he is so sweet and is always up for some good stories. He is just wonderful.

I’ve sent many of my friends to Bryan, especially my friends who complain about having difficult hair and without exception they have come back with glowing reviews of both Bryan’s skills...”

Dunn M. – 1/5/2011

This is my third ‘Curly Girl’ cut with Bryan and I couldn’t be happier with the cut and style, the professional service (I never feel forced to buy product) and the convenient downtown location.

Bryan has transformed my messy mixed wavy/curly hair into something that I love and can easily do at home. (Don’t you hate when you go to a salon and your hair looks amazing but you can never recreate that look at home?)

Thank you, Bryan!”

Jamila L. – 12/12/2010

I have tried going to other hair stylists, but always end up back in bryan michaels chair. He has an uncanny ability to understand different peoples hair almost immediately. I love my hair so much when I get it cut at this salon. Thanks.”

Brianna L. – 8/10/2009

Brian Michaels does excellent work and runs a top-notch business. The space is great and the experience is something I look forward to.”

Andrew S. – 6/7/2009

Bryan has cut my hair for 8 years now.. I have thinning hair and he cuts it in a way that makes it look full and healthy. I love going to the salon! Beer in a chilled glass? Hot towel facial steam and a head rub. Best therapy in town!”

Stephen G. – 4/9/2009

I don't care about free booze or the other perks this (or any) salon offers - I want a good cut and color.  I found just that with Bryan Michaels.  He is the first hairdresser I've found in San Francisco who understood and delivered what I wanted in terms of color.  

I always arrive at a salon armed with pictures of the color that I'm seeking and then do my best to explain that I want my hair lightened, but not with a bleached out color - something more in a honey tone.  Although this seemed like an achievable goal to me, after several years and a ton of money wasted at big salons like Di Pietro Todd, I felt like I was chasing a unicorn.   Every single time I emerged my hair had that horrible white blonde highlighting, which I then had to have toned down to something darker.  The problem was, when the toner faded, I was back to a color I couldn't stand and hair that felt over processed.  

Imagine my surprise when Bryan finished with my hair and it was EXACTLY the color I had been chasing all these years.  And it stayed that way.  I couldn't believe it.  It even looked better in pictures.  His cuts are great too, but I'm giving this guy the highest praise possible for being a color god.  Added bonus - he's great to chat with while you're in the chair.

Elizabeth M. – 3/4/2009

He was very friendly and had tons of great information for my very difficult to manage, overly thin hair! He asked what I liked and didn't like about my hair and spent a good amount of time consulting with me about what kind of haircut I wanted before we even did anything! That was pretty awesome! He of course offered variety of beverages available and must say...Beer's the way to go =). He was very attentive and just tons of fun to chat with.  When everything is said and done, I loved the final product! Definitely will be going back!”

Robin S. – 8/19/2008

I have searched far and wide for peace with my hair. Growing up I received more than one comment in my school annuals essentially saying ‘what the F is up with that hair?’

For the first time since passing puberty I love my hair and I get plenty of praise strutting it around. I can only thank Bryan Michaels for that.”

Matt C. 4/12/2008

I’ve been a happy client of Bryan Michaels for more than 6 years...I’ve always left Bryan’s chair happy from getting a great cut and having a fun and relaxing hour. You should check this place out.”

Matt H. – 4/3/2008

I have been having my hair done by Bryan for over 5 years and he is great! I would follow him anywhere...Bryan has a tremendous flair for knowing exactly what you are looking , and for telling you his thoughts, while listening to yours! And, producing a perfect end result! So – Bryan – is top notch!!”

Suzanne L. – 3/14/2008

I’ve been getting my hair cut by Bryan Michaels for five years now and he has only gotten better. Bryan gave me another new haircut – exactly what I wanted – which has been my experience with him for years now. I am such a spoiled girl. I wave my hands around and say rambly things about what I think I want, and, voila, another wonderful haircut.”

Dunn M. – 3/9/2008

I had Bryan cut my hair for a while and decided to go to the stylist my boyfriend uses….., after 6 months of depressing hair cuts I came back to Bryan and I will never leave again! I receive so many compliments on my hair (now that I’m back with Bryan)!”

Eric R. – 3/5/2008